In Safe Hand

May 26 2017

Today there are 65 children under the age of 18 in the orphanage of Vanadzor. The majority of the children are deprived of parental care, however, actually, they have a parent or parents. Some of children were returned home, some were adopted, others were handed over to foster families. There are also cases when parents send their child to an orphanage, and forget about his existence, as well, they neither visit the child for years, nor call back and never take an interest in the child's fate.

The orphans welcomed us with particular warmth and enthusiasm. The children were unconstrained, they felt at ease, they wanted to talk, to tell about their daily life.

Then, accompanied by Mrs. Davtyan, we walked around the orphanage. This orphanage has become a shelter for the children from several families participated in the programs of TV show ''Semi Opened Windows''. In their spare time children are engaged in drawing. In their pictures we can see kind family atmosphere: hand in hand mother and son, father and daughter. At the end of the visit the orphans fascinated us with their beautiful songs and dance performances.

Resident of the United States - Srbuhi Telalyan,  always watches programs of TV show  ''Semi Opened Windows''and recalls the awful days she spent. She has sent her handicrafts for the children living in the orphanage. Our compatriot living in Germany - Ruzanna Schulz, has also sent gifts for the children. The Safoians family has also sent clothes for children of different age groups. Almost every child in the orphanage is waiting for parents. It was difficult to leave them, but we are sure that they are in safe hands.