The 5th Summarizing of 2017

May 31 2017
Flawless Laser Center, Inc., ЛИАНА Мкртумян

This month Flawless Laser Center of Burbank again has provided its assistance to 3 families living in different regions of Armenia.

The stories of our website have drawn the attention of our compatriots living in America - Sofia Harutiunyan and Gurgen Asatryan. And we've hurried to deliver their assistance.

Many times resident of the US - Edgar Grigoryan, helped the people, who had found themselves in our TV pavilion. This time, he has decided to offer his assistance to Mrs. Seda and Monica. He has transferred his assistance by means of. Psychologist Zina Torosyan, who has  paid the utility fees for the past several months.

This time Haykuhi Ohanyan has extended a helping hand to Haykanoush and her four children.

Not the first time Alexander Margarian is assisting the families, who had found themselves in the pavilion of ''Semi-open windows''. This month, he has decided to help Artak and Anna Davtyans' family, living in Sarnakunk.

The 7 th Armenian traditional Tolma festival was held in the village Hnaberd of Ararat region.

This year for the first time Charitable Fund “Semi-Opened Windows” has taken  part in the festival, in a separate pavilion, in collaboration with  youth creative center.

There are 65 children under the age of 18 in the orphanage of Vanadzor. The majority of the children are deprived of parental care, however, actually, they have a parent or parents. Some of children were returned home, some were adopted, others were handed over to foster families. There are also cases when parents send their child to an orphanage, and forget about his existence, as well, they neither visit the child for years, nor call back and never take an interest in the child's fate.

The children of the orphanage welcomed us with particular warmth and enthusiasm. The children were unconstrained, they felt at ease, they wanted to talk, to tell about their daily life.