Golden Heart

June 02 2017

Days ago president of FAMILY RESCUE FUND Naz Atikian Baskijian was presented a Golden Heart Award by the Armenian National Committee Armenian Cause of Glendale for her active contribution to supporting needy families in the local community, and for her assistance to numerous needy families living in her homeland. ANCA expressed their gratitude for her generosity, for invested resources and time, Naz Atikian Baskijian was also honored for her activity in the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Program, where she serves as a board member. Her participation in various charitable projects and activities, as well as the events, organized by her, obtained good result. Children, their support and presenting them happier childhood were mostly highlighted at those events. Naz Atikyan Baskijian's active contribution to Armenian Relief Society in the United States, as well as her great activity in FAMILY RESCUE FUND was also highlighted - activity towards improving social situation of needy families living in her homeland, creating better living conditions for them, in order these families can live more decent life and raise their children. She has realized her mission. She has devotes her life to helping others achieve their own, so that they could live a better life.