Armenia short visit

June 13 2017

President of ‘’Family Rescue Fund’’ Naz Atikyan-Baskijyanarrined in Armenia on a short visit. A few days ago,together with us,she visited all the families, who had recentlygot apartments by the support of the fund.

The first stop was the town of Yeghvard. Participants of the program''I have found him''- Zohrab Simonyan and Tsovinar Hayrapetyan with their twins – Arthur and Aram,have been living there. The family temporarily resided inZovuni. The house, where the family lived, had no basic living conditions: electricity, water: The couple had difficulties in raising their twin sons. Today they live in an apartment with all amenities. Tsovinar and Zohrab state that they are very happy, they already have a stable roof over their heads, and from now on their children will live in a new and comfortable house.

 The next stop was the town of Hrazdan.For afew months participants of the program‘’Lost and found’’- AshotNazaryan and AznivYepremyanwith their large family, have been living there. For the last ten years a dilapidated, deprived of basic living conditions cabin in Hayanist village has become a shelter for them.Just in our TV pavilion during the shooting of the program, Charitable Foundation “Semi-Opened Windows’’ and Family Rescue Fund presented an apartment to that family. The apartment was purchased in the memory of Mrs. Nora Avetyan, with the amount donated by her son -Artin. Mrs. Nora's last wish was,that after her death,a part of financial assistance of her family and her relatives should be transferred towards needy families, living in her homeland. After her mother's death, Artin and his relatives decided to honorMrs. Nora's wish. All the time during the meeting Aznivwas expressing her gratitude and repeating that shecould not believe that theyhad an apartment.

President of ‘’Family Rescue Fund’’ - NazAtikyanBaskijyan, also visited LyubaAverkina’sfamily, living in Vanadzor.

Just a few months ago, Mrs. Lyubov lived with her two grandchildren -Kamilla and Syuzannaaina hostel of Vanadzor, in poor conditions, within crumbling walls and under leaking ceiling. The family lived in difficult conditions and was dreaming of having their own appartment. Thanks toFRF's support, today the difficulties are in the past. Today Mrs. Lyubahas focused on ensuring prosperous and happy childhood for her grandchildren- Camille and Syuzanna.

Zemfira Hovsepyan never despairs. By her own example, she wants to show that in any situation one has to struggle and to achieve the goal. After her husband's death, Zemfira with her four children has been living in Etchmiadzin. The family's most cherished dream was to have a house, and ’’Family Rescue Fund’’ decided to make their dream come true. President of Fund also visited Etchmiadzin, where Zemfira Hovsepyan had been living with her daughter - Mariam. The other children - Noemi, Tigran and Pavel continue their education at Armenian College-Seminary in Calcutta, India. Zemfira is ready to do any work in order to give her children a good education.

The Toroyans’ family was one of those lucky families who, after many years of waiting, got an apartment from ‘’Family Rescue Fund’’. Paruyr Toroyan believed that new bright pages would open in their life in 2017, and all difficulties would stay in the past. Paruyr believed that it would be better tomorrow. Now he feels how their life has changed. Today again we have visited Paruyr Toroyan and his children. It is the second meeting of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Family Rescue Fund - Naz Atikyan - Baskijyan with that family. But this time she has visited them in a beautiful apartment in Zvartnotc, purchased by the Fund.