Large Income of a Small Farm

June 22 2017

According to Mrs. Anahit, children love milk and matsun very much, and thanks to the Family Rescue Fund, the problemwas also solved. We chose the animals from Karaberd. After receiving positive conclusion of the veterinarian, we transported the cows to the Baghramyans' barn.

"We had alot of debts, but I diminished them in the season, I'm responsible, I paymy debts,in order, in case I stay hungry they'll give me a loan. We'll deprive ourselves of everything, but we'llnever deprive our children,we'll even take a loan for the sake of children’' ,-confessed Anahit, adding that as soon as she gets the allowance she payscharges for water, electricity, and then she pays the debts to the shops.

In spite of the difficult conditions of life, the family has not lost hope for better future. And our donation –a small farm, will help the family to straggleagainst social and household challenges.