In Memory of Poghos Atikian

June 26 2017

They say the main mission of any person is to be a human, resident of the United States - Naz Alikian Baskjian, is guided by this slogan. She never stays indifferent to familiar and even unknown people who need her help.

April 30, 2016 has taken love of Khachik’s life and deprived him of the desire to live. After his wife's death, Khachik remained alone with four children and each of them bears a part of mother inside.

To have home is a dream for Khachik and his children. In memory of her father- Poghos Atikian, who had died 3 and half years ago, president of ‘’Family Rescue Fund’’ - Naz Atikian Baskijian has decided to dedicate an apartment to Khachik's family 

Before celebrating the housewarming, we have furnished the apartment. The three-room apartment was furnished and equipped with necessary household appliances and was presented to the family. With the money, provided by our compatriots living in the United States - Mary and Karine Svoian and Marvin Poghosian, we bought a TV set for the family.

Khachik was unable to put into words what he felt.

The owners of the apartment walked around it and got acquainted with the conveniences of their new home.

It is pleasant to see how one more family celebrates a long-awaited housewarming. We are sure that life is a boomerang. The good deeds will never be lost, and one day that good will return already multiplied. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to live in such a way, that one will be remembered for his good deeds.