Assistance for Work

July 07 2017

Already for three years Artak Astvatsatryan and Arpine Hovhannisyan have been passing through life together. Wishing to provide more favorable conditions for his children, Artak tried to create a small farm, putting in all his last savings. However, due to debts, he had to sell part of the cattle. The other part of the cattle died of cold and disease. Today the family lives on children's allowance, which is defined in 18000 drams per month.

Artak had an intention to re-establish his small farm and to expand it. Some people were ready to help to bring this family out of deadlock. Lida Rostomyan is one of those people who not just once supported families –participants of TV show ''Semi-Opened Windows''. This time, with her assistance, we have supported the Astvatsatryans’ family. We have bought cows and pigs for them. All the prerequisites are created for resuming the work of the farm, for partly solving the food problem, and for providing income for the family. Arpine is confident that now she will be able to provide her family's basic needs.