Mike Sarian gifted an apartment.

September 08 2017

Over the years Henrik Grigoryan and Qnqush Arakelyan have been overcoming together all the difficulties and seeming impassable obstacles on their way. They believe that their love and the right choice that they had made years ago were important. Even the fact of not having their own roof didn't disturb their love. Henrik and Qnqush have been dreaming of having their own home, where they would raise their children.

President of Hospital Operations at Prime Healthcare Services, Mike Sarian and his family, as well as ‘’Wells Fargo Bank’’ made their dream come true by donating them an apartment.

It should be noted that Mike Sarian was included in the list of the top executive directors of health care of 2017-2025 in the United States. Since 2012, Sarian has been leading Hospital Operations at Prime Healthcare Services. In 2015 he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for the provided support to the United States, Armenian Community of California and Armenia.

 ‘’Wells Fargo Bank’’ is always focused on the families that have found themselves in the pavilion of TV show ‘’Semi-Opened Windows’’. Each year, ‘’Wells Fargo Bank’’ takes part in a charity dinner organized by the Family Rescue Fund and makes donation. And this time again, thanks to their donation, another needy family living in Armenia gets an apartment.