The Dearest

October 02 2017

The Musinyan's large family lives in Arzni village. The mother of the family -Maryam, is 40 years old. She gave birth to six children - three boys and three girls. As spouses say, their wish to have a large family has united them. Mrs. Maryam confesses that though it is difficult to raise six children, but it is also interesting and rather responsible. As the children are growing, the problems of the family are increasing.

A group of Armenians living in the United States decided to help this very family without introducing themselves. The Musinyans were not expecting the guests that day. The visit of our compatriots from the United States was a great surprise for the members of the family. The guests did not come empty-handed. They had prepared gifts for children: clothes, food, hygiene supplies, stationery, toys and a bed for little Norik.