The 10 th summarizing of 2017.

October 31 2017

Once again TV show ‘’Semi-opened Windows’’ is summarizing the results of the accomplished work.

Having seen the difficult living conditions of the family, the resident of the United States - George Gevorgyan, without hesitation decided to help the participant of the program ‘’Geghecik’s treasures’’- Mrs. Raya, who bears the burden of the whole family. George Gevorgyan hasn’t come empty-handed. He has brought food, stationery, and other necessary supplies for several months.

On June 16, after the broadcasting of the program ''Complex Calculations,'' anonymous televiewer decided to help this family providing them with doors and windows.

The Youth Creativity Center organized the collecting of books for Artsakh Libraries, within the bounds of which, the books collected during the recent months were brought to Artsakh.

Our shooting crew with the experts of TV show ''Semi-opened Windows’' - Naira Aramyan, Mariam and Arkadi Mehrabyan also visited Artsakh Youth Development Center Public Organization. President Susanna Petrosyan informed that their Public Organization is implementing various programs in Artsakh, including charity and assistance to specific social groups.