A lot of food

December 13 2017

Already for several months 31-year-old Svetlana Gabrielyan with her three children - 9-year-old Hayk, 6-year-old Harutyun and 2-year-old Helen, has been living in difficult social conditions  - without electricity and heating. Today the children have to do homework by candlelight.  Several month ago, her husband – Tigran, migrated for work, and so far he was hardly able to send a small amount of money to his family. At this period, Svetlana's mother – Mrs. Karine has been working from sunrise until sunset in order to help Svetlana and her children.

We also visited Svetlana Gabrielyan and her children. A lot of food, which will be enough throughout the winter: cereals, oil, butter, and sweets for children. Not for the first time resident of the USA - Lida Rostomyan, helped the participants of the program. Susanna was surprised to see the gifts; her eyes were shining with happiness.