The 12th Summerising of 2017

December 29 2017

In order to feel real happiness, you need to care not only for yourself but also for others, because the happiest people are those who are able to make other ones happy. To be happy, a person should have dreams and goals. And in order his dreams come true, one should believe in his own strength. If we really want to be happy, we should make the path of our life more valuable, we should appreciate every second.

With the money raised at the charity dinner held in the USA we bought an apartment with all basic conveniences in Moosh 2 district for the Papikyans’ large family, living in one of the 14 houses of Marmashen village of Shirak region. According to the mother of three children - Hermine, this is a dream that she has never dared to speak about, she has never thought that her family would have their own apartment. Karapet also states that from now on his family will only celebrate happy holidays in their new apartment. The young couple is already planning to start their life from a new page.

Probably 2018 is going to be the happiest and the most prominent New Year for the Miskaryans’ family. Already for several years, Hovhannes Miskaryan and the members of his family have been troubled by the thought of having no own corner for 14 years, of losing their current apartment, and of appearing in the street one day. They will celebrate New Year in the light home of their dreams in Ani district of Gyumri. From now on only happy stories will be written on the pages of life of the Miskarians’, who has overcome many trials.

For 45 years Lusine Kirakosyan has been considering the theater and the stage as her first home, however, already for several years she has not been on the stage, she has not played in any performance, she has not been included in dramatic performances. For the sake of her own brother’s family, Lusine Kirakosyan has become a victim of deceit, she has lost all her property, and now she is facing the danger of staying in the street. For several months she has been applying for support, in finding a way out of this situation, in order not to lose at least her apartment. ''Semi-Opened Windows'' and Family Rescue Fund supported her paying all the debt accumulated in the bank.