The 1st Summarising of 2018

January 31 2018
Arpik Mkhitarian, Mushegh Ghazaryan, Elisa Ohanian, Julie Manukyan, Vardan Gabrielyan, М Б, Roman Nurijanyan, Mher Dzjavakjan, Shoghik Polyan, Simon Margaryan, Harut Tarakhchyan, Flawless Laser Center, Inc., Flawless Laser Center, Inc., Carolyn Mirzayans

''Semi-opened windows'' is summarizing the results of the accomplished work for the first time this year.

A resident of Gyumri- Armenuhi Stepanyan, could not continue her studies due to the financial problems. Family Rescue Fund took the expenses of Armenuhi's education and she is a second-year student now.

Once again a resident of the United States - Tamara Harutyunyan, offers an assistance to the families of our pavilion. The families did not have sufficient money to care their basic needs. The only income is the allowance. They found firewood from different places. The problem was solved with the help of the resident of the United States - Tamara Harutyunyan. Participants of the programs ''From sunrise to sunset'' and ''The Soldier's mother'' were provided with firewood.

A resident of the United States -Lida Rostomyan, is one of those people who not just once have supported the participants of the program ''Semi-opened windows''. With her assistance, we bought a cow and pigs for living in Armavir region the Astvatsarians family. Arpine was anxious about the problem of feeding the cattle in winter. This problem was also solved. With the money provided by Mrs. Lida, we bought 118 haystacks and 8 bags of about 210 kilograms of cattle feed.

A resident of the Russian Federation - Mrs. Hasmik, watched the program of ''Semi-opened windows''-''Albina's Ishkhan’' and temporarily provided her apartment in Armavir to Ishkhan Mirzoyan and his 5-year-old daughter.

This time, two complicated surgeries were done with the financial assistance of the Family Rescue Fund. Little Gevorg was born with congenital anomaly of the spinal cord. The doctors decided to perform surgery, but soon after the surgery, the child's head size began to increase very quickly and he was diagnosed with increasing hydrocephalus - increasing the size of the head.  For several months, Gevorg was under the strict supervision of specialists. After regular examination, the specialists concluded that in order to save the child's life, the child should immediately undergo the second surgery - brain shunting.

This month, about 20 families have been provided with food and clothes.