The 3rd Summarising of 2018

April 27 2018

The stories presented on the website of Family Rescue Fund never stay without response. Our compatriots living in Armenia and abroad continue to follow the stories of needy families appeared in our pavilion and make donations.

This month charitable fund ''Semi-opened windows'' together with Family Rescue Fund have extended a helping hand to 20 families. These needy families, living in poor social and basic conditions, were provided with food and various seasonal clothing.

It is already the 9th visit to Armenia organized by Chamlian College. Many of them have come to their homeland for the first time and their only desire is to see and to know Armenia as much as possible.

Derek Tovmasian is also studying at Chamlian College, and together with the headmaster of the ''United Healthcare Careers'' Collage Dr. Aram Tovmasian and Jacqueline Tovmasian, he has arrived in Yerevan.