The 5th summarising of 2018

June 29 2018

''Semi-opened windows'' is summarizing the results of the accomplished work.

The constructionsthat have lasted several months are completed. Primary school N 23 in Vanadzor today has an iron fence. Within a short period of time, it was possible to make fence of 200 square meters and to set one door and two gateways.

With the help of our compatriots Garik and Aharon, living in the United States, on June 6, Liana Arakelyan underwent long-awaited surgery, performed under the direction of urologist-surgeon Hamlet Dvoyan in the urological department of Izmirlyan Medical Center.

This month charitable fund ''Semi-opened windows'' together with Family Rescue Fund have provided assistance to socially poor and needy families. These needy families, living in harsh living conditions, were provided with food and various seasonal clothing.