''Iron'' Happiness

July 04 2017

Hermine Safaryan has been dreaming of studying, however, her dream has not come true, and instead, she has a family of her dream. When she saw her future spouse - Karapet Papikyan for the first time, she rejected his proposal; however, very soon they were engaged. In 8 days, after becoming acquainted to each other, Karapet and Hermine decided to make a family, and for the past 8 years they have been happy and have never changed their mind. The birth or their three children tripled their happiness. Having own territory has become a great problem for living in one of the 14 houses of Marmashen village of Shirak region - the Papikyans’ family. Assessing the situation, Karapet realizes that it is necessary to correct the situation in order to prevent future difficulties.