The Dearest

July 05 2017

Only one day was enough for Maryam and Vardan to realize that they were created for each other. Maryam states that when she saw her husband she felt a call of blood, and in a day, she decided to associate her life with Vardan. Although the family have not heard baby crying for five years, the couple continues to live together with same warmth and affection.

At last, in 2001 their firstborn- Narek, was born, and today the Musinians already have six children - three girls and three boys - just as they have been dreaming before. Over time, while children were growing, the problems increased. Difficulties followed one another. The eldest son of the family- Narek, began to work from the seventh grade in order to ease parents' burden. Other children growing up in the family have also become helpers of their parents. Today six children and their parents are facing a challenge to find themselves in the street.