Desperate situation

July 07 2017

Every time in the Vardazaryan's family everybody was happy to hear the baby crying, however, over the years, happiness has turned into heavy burden. Today, the family is already in danger of finding itself in the street. 13 years of the 23 years of their marriage, Amalya Tumanyan and Kamo Vardazaryan have been living in a rented one-room house. The family is in a desperate situation, and every day is asking just one question - what to do. Today, 17-year-old Arpine is taking care of little sisters and brother. According to her, the unmarried girls are becoming housewives because of lack of employment and other occupation in the village. The family has been unable to pay the rent for the past seven years, which is only 60,000 drams a year. The master of the house has long been enduring it, but already a few days he is requiring the rent for the past years, and he is warning that if the family does not pay, it will find itself in the street.