I haven't become a son.

July 10 2017

''I've been silent for 13 years and 6 months. Now I don’t want to keep silent any more. Now I think, why should I keep silent? Everyone asks me: ''How are your parents? Give them regards". Whom should I give regards?’’, - tells Levon Avsharyan. Born with cleft lip and cleft palate – Levon, was abandoned by his parents soon after his birth. For years, Levon has been interested,-‘’Why?’ The more he grew up, the more he wanted to find the parents. He saw how his classmates’ parents were coming and taking them at weekends, and he understood that they were going home, and he was alone. At the age of nine Levon was adopted. At that time, he also went home at weekends. The more Levon grew up, the more he understood that something was wrong. The desire to find his parents was getting stronger along with his growth. ‘’Every year, at New Year's Eve, when I was alone, I thought: would I ever spend a New Year with my parents?",- confesses Levon.