The Found One

November 16 2017

For 20 years Amalya Davitavyan has been dreaming of becoming mother, however, she has never enjoyed the joy of maternity. One day, Narek appeared in her life, and he has become the only meaning of Amalia's life and the nearest and the dearest person for her. Narek never doubts that his mother gave him birth and that she simply found him. Only at the age of 15 he found out that his mother had taken him from the neighbor's barn and she did her best in order Narek never felt that he was not her biological son. Narek collects blackberries in the forest to buy medicines for his mother. He even deprives himself of the opportunity to spend time with friends. Today the young man wants to find a job soon and to help his mother to recover completely, but his own health problems disturb him though he often forgets about them.