111. The Whole Family in а Building

November 22 2017

Despite lots of unsolvable problems, already for 13 years Christine Karapetyan and Manuk Kharatyan’s family of 8 members has been living in 18 square meters room of isolated dormitory in Malatia. Three of their children are pupils. The eldest is 11-year-old Anahit, she is dreaming of becoming a policeman, and she has decided to buy school uniforms for her younger brother- Edmon on her first salary. Christine's mother - Teresa, lives on the third floor of the dormitory, and the two of her daughter's children spend nights with her because there is not enough place in their room. The mother helps the family, she washes the dishes twice a week at the restaurant for 3000 drams, and Manuk works as a worker for 3000-4000 drams a day.