Renovation in the family

March 20 2018

In 2009 Diana Petrosyan saw Anush for the first time, liked her and called her father: "Come, I've found a mother.''

Anush and Sarkis got acquainted in a short time. It can be said - love at first sight. After 3-4 days of communication, they decided to escape together. Sargis has no permanent job. He earns money by repairing others' houses. Sargis's daughter from the first marriage - 16-year-old Diana, wants to become a hairdresser. 7-year-old Elen, hasn't chosen a profession yet, she attends school. Today, Sargis Petrosyan with his family of six members lives in an apartment of 26-square-meter belonging to his sister -Anush Petrosyan.