Rusty Walls

March 21 2018

30-year-old Liana Arakelyan was born in Kamo village. Liana has three children. She confesses that if only they had health and opportunity, they would have another child. Liana and her husband - Sedrak, live within rusty walls and try to do everything for their little children. Their dream is to have a bright, warm, big and comfortable stone house. According to the young woman, she often gets tired of her daily routine, sometimes she wants to do other things, but she cannot. Liana attended hairdressing trainings, and for years she has been cutting her villagers’ hair. Sedrak is unable to do hard work because of health problems. Lianna is sure: ‘’A large family cannot survive if only one parent works, and wife should work, and the husband". And if a person does not have health problems, the care for children is not a trouble but a pleasure. Liana has the third degree disability. And Sedrak has the second. The family lives on allowance of 35,000 AMD. Recently Liana's pain has grown; she is no longer able to sleep normally. Liana needs surgery, but she keeps postponing it due to financial problems.