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April 12 2018

Resident of Mush district of Gyumri in Shirak province - Arpenik Zhamаkochyan, got acquainted with her first husband- Robert, in a trolleybus. Robert took Arphenick's hand, looked closely at her, and made a marriage proposal. After an hour of thinking, Arpenik accepted the proposal. Arpenik Zhamakochyan's marriage did not last long. With a 20-day-old son she found herself in the street. In 2000, after the divorce from her first husband, Arpenik met Grisha, who was 16 years older her, and decided to marry for the second time. However, her marriage with Grisha did not last long. Grisha died on the way home from work. According to Arpenik, she still does not know the cause of his death. Today, a 51-year-old woman lives with her son - Tigran, who has  health problems and prefers not to have friends and to staying away from everyone.