Looking for a way for living

April 18 2018

The call received in 2008 changed Anush Khachatryan's further life in 180 degrees. Before her first meeting with Rudik, Anush was partially aware of his health problems. After a month of communication, Anush decided to connect her life with Rudik. According to Anush, her future husband had so many positive aspects that his physical defects were invisible. Now Rudik and Anush have two sons - 10-year-old Aram and 5-year-old Avo.

Rudik's one leg is shorter than the other in 3 cm., and his one eye does not see at all, however, he works and does every work, he tries to meet family needs by all means. Rudik and Anoush's son - Avo, also has serious health problems, he neither hears nor speaks. The problems of this family are numerous, but their common love and warmness unite them and give them strength for struggle.