Old-fashioned family

April 25 2018

In 2008 their neighbor – Anahit, introduced her brother's daughter – Knarik to Nahapet. Mother and son liked Knarik and three days later they went to ask for her hand in marriage. At first, Knarik's mother - Mrs. Elena Hovhannisyan, rejected the groom's family, motivating that Nahapet had no house and lived in a cabin. After a month and a half of secret meetings, Nahapet and Knarik decided to escape and to live together. The mother forced her daughter to make a choice between her and Nahapet. Knarik chose Nahapet. Today, their five children - Artak, Arman, Varduhi, Narek and little Alex are growing up in this family. Nahapet has no permanent job. The family needs are met by family allowance of 55,500 AMD.