Years later

May 01 2018

38-year-old Emma Gevorgyan lives in Vanadzor. With longing she recalls those happy years, when she and her family lived carefree in the Russian Federation. Everything changed after her father-in-law-Garnik's death. Emma returned to Armenia with her family. But months later her husband-Gagik Ghazaryan left her and his two children and returned to Russia. Months ago Gagik came back to Armenia again. Secretly from his wife he made deal with his sister and donated his house to Varsik Ghazaryan. After a time, Gagik's sister decided to gether brother's sons -15-year-old Makar, 13-year-old Rafik and their mother out of the house. The young woman has no place to go. Today she is taking care of an elderly lady for 40,000 drams in order tomeet the needs of her two children. The woman, who is in a desperate situation, is knocking on all the possible doors with the hope to get assistance.