Mechanic of Goghtanik

May 10 2018

At age 15 Hermine Hovsepyan decided to tie her life to ArtakAvetisyan. According to Hermine, getting married she would ease her mother's burden. At the age of 16 Hermine gave birth to their firstborn - Artyush. Then Tornik, Astghik, Vanush and Alex were born. A few years ago Artak sold their apartment in Vardenikand moved to Ararat village of Ararat province. But they did not live long there too, asArtakhad decided to go to the Russian Federationwith his family. However, due to his wife's health problems they stayed in Armenia. For some time they had been living on the money of their sold apartment.Then for several years the Avetisyan's family has been living in Goghtanik village of VayotsDzor at theirfriend's home. The car accident of March 18 has changed Artak's life. The only worker of the family is 32-year-old Hermine. The only car mechanic in the village is unemployed today and is unable to care for the family.