The Women in Black

May 15 2018

On March 29, 2018, the members of living in Gyumri the Astoyan’s family had bad premonitions. In the evening, the only breadwinner of the Astoyan’s family– 29-year-oldArtavazd died in a tragic car accidentin KhrimyanHayrik Street. Artavazd did not have a permanent job. He worked as a construction worker. In the evening he had left his workplace and did not return home. His wife - Ovsanna, was worried as she could not stop thinking about the dream she had seen two weeks ago. She says,howshe couldknow that the dream would come true. Today, the young woman lives with her mother-in-law - Hermine, and her 5-year-old son -Yura.Ovsanna's three minor children: 8-year-old Knarik, 3-year-old Ani and 8-month-old Marine are growing up in the Astoyan'swooden cabin without basic living conditions. Noone in the family works.