In the valley of Hovit

June 20 2018

For many years Sevak Arakelyan has been putting stone on stone to restore his house in Hovit village of Shirak province. However, in 2017 Sevak started to have headaches and problems with blood pressures, but he didn't take it seriously. The members of his family could not even imagine that Sevak was suffering from chronic leukemia. Today Sevak's wife – 39-year-old Aida Arakelyan, is at a dead end, on the one hand - her husband's health problems, on the other hand - the fear of raising the children alone and day by day increasing debts. The Arakelyans' children: 16-year-old Lilit, 14-year-old Tatevik and 12-year-old Andranik, are dreaming of their father's recovery.