I am fighting

July 05 2018

Freedom-fighter Margo Babayan together with her daughter – Mariam, is moving from village to village, from town to town. She has changed her place of living already for 6 times. As soon as she run out of money, the owners put them out of the house. A man in Marmarashen village took pity on Mariam and registered her in his house; afterwards he gave his house to his relatives. The mother and daughter were again left on the street. Their last shelter is in Kharberd district. The disabled girl is 21 years old. She has remained in silence, confined to her wheelchair. Margo Babayan collects greens in the fields. The family remembers the times when they had a stable income of 16,000 drams a month. That was the amount of Mary's disability allowance. But already for 5 years the girl has been deprived of the allowance.